One of my favourite places in Europe is Portugal. It is so different and so unique that every time I travel there, I find myself in a new world. Lisbon offers the best of Portugal in terms of culture, food, architecture. Cascais and Sintra are my two favourite places situated 30 min away from Lisbon by car (which would be around 30 EUR (!) by cab). These two towns boast of amazing sand beaches, relaxed atmosphere and small cosy seafood restaurants scattered around.

One thing you must see in Portugal is a Fado show! They are usually held in restaurants where you can enjoy both traditional food and music. My favourite ones are Parreirinha de Alfama  (Beco Espírito Santo 1) and O Faia (Rua da Barroca, 56) in Bairro Alto. Although you might think that restaurants with entertainment do notoffer good food, this is not true in case of these two places – the food is amazing!

Another favourite destination in Portugal – Madeira. Madeira is very different from the rest of Portugal: it has stone beaches and the whole island is rocky: when youtravel around by car – be ready for kilometres of lacet roads. There are a few unusual attractions in Madeira, one of which is the Carreiros de Monte. Imagine yourself sliding down a 2 kilometres long steep slope in …. a huge basket! The attraction has been there for over 100 years and is still popular with the tourists. The ride takes about 10 min and may seem risky, but it`s totally worth it!
If you are in Madeira for a few days – it is a good idea to rent a car and travel around the coastline visiting the beaches and making stops in small towns to have a cup of coffee.

Portugal will always be one of my favourite places… It is diverse, bright and has a mystery in its narrow streets. Which kind of mystery? It is unique for every one of us 🙂

Boa viagem!





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