Having grown up at the seaside I have always been accustomed to the sea breeze, the sound of splashing waves and having a glass of wine in summer watching the sun hiding at the horizon. After I have moved to England I never had an opportunity to travel to one of the beaches. Finally, I got an opportunity to do so. I started from Scarborough.

The beloved coastline town of Anne Bronte and a native land of Sir Ben Kinglsley, Scarborough is a small town in Yorkshire, on the North Sea coast, a heir of the 12th century Castle powerfully towering above the town, a rocky place, full of fish and chips cafes, fishermen fixing their boats and fishnets, small curiosity shops and families with children playing in the sand (and even in the cold sea water) on a sunny Sunday day. That is how Scarborough stayed in my memory.


When I researched about the town online, I did not find anything exciting but still decided to go to breathe some fresh air. I was surprised how beautiful the city is and how much fun you can have there. If you ever decide to travel Scarborough, I offer you my own ‘to do’ list.

  1. have a long walk across the not very long coastline. There is the main beach in Scarborough, situated within a 15 min walk from the train station which is covered with golden sand. Numerous shops, slot machines and fish and chips cafes stretch along the coastline which reminded me of 90`s amusement parks. To be honest, the whole city is quiet old and took me back in time. Although it was too cold for me to swim in the sea, if you are brave enough and are resistant to low temperatures – you can give it a go.

  2. try the vanilla ice-cream with a lemon topping. I really love having lemon sorbet with vanilla ice cream when in Italy, which is the best combo. I think this lemon topping is a British version of the famous Italian ice cream flavors combination.
  3. play the slot machines located on the beach. I confess, I did not play, because I am not the biggest fan of these things and the last time I played the slot machines was on my 13th birthday. However, if you are there with friends you can have a lot fun. (prepare loads of change, because … you know how it goes when you become venturesome 😉 )
  4. have the famous fish and chips. Being a healthy eater and going to the gym every day, I do not usually eat fish and chips, but you can`t skip that if you are in Scarborough. I can not recommend any specific fish and chips shops, because I have tried only one, but it was really good! The place is called Winking Willy`s (9-10 Sandside, Scarborough,YO11 1PE). Make sure you put some vinegar and salt and mashy peas with your fish 😉
  5. buy the ‘rocks’ – the famous Scarborough candies, which are basically lollipops, but very traditional treats from Yorkshire. I also loved the Peanut Brittle which is a box of roasted peanuts coated with caramel. If you have not travelled around Yorkshire, try the fudge as well, although it is quiet sweet and rich, you will enjoy it and will be a lovely present from your trip. You can buy these in many shops around town, however, my favorite one was the John Bull Confectionary (30 Foreshore Road , YO11 1PB).

    6. get inspired by the cruise/beach looks and wear the traditional marine white-blue combo while letting the soft waves of the North Sea bath your bare feet 😉







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