los monteros hotel – a small paradise in Marbella

When choosing a hotel for summer vacation in a coastal city, my most important criteria is the pool and the beach area – that is why I have chosen Los Monteros as a place to stay in Marbella. The hotel is situated in about 15 min drive from the city center and is easily accessible by public transport – the nearest busstop is in 5 min walk from the hotel. Los Monteros has a big surrounding area and its own beach – La Cabane.

My favourite part of the hotel was, undoubtadly the the beach area. La Cabane has a spacious swimming pool and a nice bar/restaurant. It also has stairs that lead to the beach itself, so you can combine swimming in the sea with swimming in the pool. They serve really nice food and there is also a small shop where you can find beautiful beachwear, straw hats and espadrillas.


The hotel has another outdoors swimming pool in the hotel itself – I would say this pool is more suitable for families with children, as it is surrounded by a territory covered with grass and has an icecream shop. La Cabane, on the contrary is a more trendy place to chill out with friends and have a couple of cocktails. In La Cabane they host night events which I haven`t experienced myself but heard some positive feedback from my friends. Well, I guess its a good reason to come back to the hotel.

The hotel has a very nice inside garden which is beautiful at night with its small fountain and bright red flowers. Although when I travel I do not usually spend much time in the hotel, in Los Monteros I spent several evenings having dinner or a glass of whine in the restaurant – it has a view on the pool and the whole territory of the hotel.


If you can`t spend more than a week without doing sports, like me, have a run around the hotel or run down to the beach where you can extend your cardio session even more. The hotel is situated in Urbanizacion Monteros with many beautiful white houses covered with pink, red and purple flowers. By the way, the house of Antonio Banderas is situated in Monteros, so if you are lucky enough you might see him leaving his residence or relaxing in La Cabane.


If I travel to Marbella again, I will try to book my stay in Los Monteros again. I reckon that the hotel has a good value for money and I really loved the area where it is situated – it is calm and relaxed and has everything you might need. By the way, the seafood restaurant that I have recommened on my post about Marbella previously is situated not far from Los Monteros.

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