Love, globe-trotting and fashion – inspired by “Follow me to” project

A few weeks ago I happened to attend a charity event where Nataly and Murad Osmann have donated one of their unpublished photos for the auction. Throughout the evening I was admiring the couple: young, tallented, beautiful and very open. As I have been following the social accounts of Nataly and Murad for quiet a while, more than anything I liked the ‘human’ side of the project they are doing. When I look at their instagram feed I notice right away how happy they look together and how much love they share. The fact that the photo project that they have launched is so international makes the story less personal and invites the viewers on a journey to the world`s most beautiful locations. On each photo from the “Follow me” project, the photographer (Murad Osmann) embraces the beauty and the culture of each of the new places through the beauty of love – his wife Nataly. This is how I see the story created by this tallented couple.

photo by Murad Osmann

Although the project was not initiated for commercial profit, rather than a for the sake of art and expression of the beauty of the world around us, the idea became so viral that lot`s of people around the globe followed it. There is another facet to the photos that compliments each shot – the unusual and stylish outfits that Nataly is wearing. Throughout the project she has worn a wide range of outfits starting from traditional national costumes and continuing with high-fashion brands (one of them is a Russian brand MaYa that designs oriental-inspired pieces carefully beaded and covered with pearls). I love what Nataly wears both on the photos and in real life and I always find inspiration for my outfits based on her looks. I think what defines her style is that she doesn`t wear the trendy pieces that all the fashion bloggers wear, but her choice always goes for something unique and you can`t guess the brand right away. Most of the looks are feminine, chic and effortless, as well as her hair and makeup. Plus, Nataly often adds a bit of rock`n roll to her look. I have picked up a few of my favourite outfits that Nataly was wearing and I highlighted them as a source for ideas of my future looks (I took all photos from Nataly`s Instagram account).

In one of her interviews, Nataly mentioned that the idea of the photo came all of a sudden: as she was in Barcelona with Murad she pulled him by his hand when he was taking photos around and he caught the soon-to-be-famous picture of holding his love by her hand. Who knows, where will this beautiful love story take Nataly and Murad next?

with Nataly and Murad Osmann on a charity event Naked Hearts



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