metallic in makeup – best of the 90s

One of the most popular makeup trends of the past few years is the Kylie Jenner look which is nothing more then overlined lips using a brownish color so widely used in the 90s. As fashion moves forward we see trends from the past coming back and re-establishing themselves not only in our closets but on vanity tables. I have recently adapted the metallic lip technique to my makeup look and tried to make it less old-fashioned. I have been inspired by the makeup worn by supermodels and pop stars in the late 80`s and 90s.

In the 90`s it has been also popular to wear purple eyeshadows. Although now it is all about nude or smokey eyes, purple eyeshadows are back in the trend.

Since I am not a big fan of matte bright color eyeshadows, I have used a shimmer eyeshadow duo by NARS to create both the eye and the lip looks.

Parallel Universe Eyeshadow Duo by NARS x Christopher Kane

Although some people find that the eyeshadows are poorly pigmented, I believe the original idea behind the texture was to create a more subtle shimmer, rather than a color base. Although, I should say that under artificial or sun light the eyeshadows are very shiny and the shimmer is very visible.



I have used the same eyeshadow (the golden light colour) on a pink/nude lipstick and it turned out to look really beautiful, plus because of adding a powder texture to the lips, it lasts longer. I think that applying shimmery nude and gold pigment to red, orange or vine lipstick looks gorgeous and prevents you from buying some extras. By the way, the same eyeshadows can be used as a highlighter for an evening look.




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