Lady Dior

It all started with the lipstick. In 1954 Christian Dior has launched his first makeup item. The lipstick appeared in eight shades, most of which were reds. The makeup line was the embodiment of a strong, feminine and elegant Lady Dior.


Red lipstick has long been favoured by Dior during his first fashion shows as a woman wearing red always stands out (in a good way) and this shade always compliments the lighter skin tones (as in the 50`s noone was obsessing over bronzers and face tans).


When the makeup line was complimented with other necessary beauty items, red was still a statement color for the Dior house and was featured in many Dior fashion and makeup campaigns. Why red?

“Bright reds – scarlet, pillar-box red, crimson or cherry are very cheerful and youthful. There is certainly a red for everyone” – used to say Christian Dior. And indeed he has a perfect red lipstick for every girl and woman.

The modern Dior makeup can offer almost any item you might need: it includes a series of items that prepare the skin for the foundation and lipstick as well as numerous eyeshadows, bronzers, blushes, lipglosses and other products. For me Christian Dior makeup has a special meaning – many years ago I was given my first face powder by Dior for Christmas. I still remember the sleek dark blue package and the luxury powdery smell of the product.

Today I have picked up a few of my favourite Dior makeup products that has been recently launched.

Rouge Dior Brilliant in 999 LipGloss

This lip gloss is equipped with a unique applicator that has a small deepening that allows to get a big amount of the product that is enough to cover the whole surface of the lips. Although all the shades of this lipgloss have sparkling particles in it, they are barely visible once applied. The color I have chosen is a perfect red with a pink undertone which is a classic shade perfect both for the day and the night. The gloss has a blend of three oils that moisturize the lips really well.



Nude Air Serum de Teint in #010

This is the latest foundation launched by Dior and I can say it is one of my favourite. As a perfect skin tone is a must when you apply red lipstick, Dior makeup creators pay a lot of attention to the quality and the effect of foundation. This foundation is VERY liquid, so it is super easy to blend it, moreover, you need just a few drops of the products to cover the face, later you can use another layer if you don`t like a light coverage. Although when you try it on the hand in the shop it seems very light, in fact it covers really well. Just be very careful when applying it – because it is so liquid it can drop down on your clothes (that`s what happened to me recently). I really don`t like the caky and contoured faces that get 1000`s likes on Instagram, therefore, a light foundation with good coverage is what I look for. Although the foundation is pricy, I think that the makeup item that shouldn`t be super cheap is the foundation. The difference between the drugstore foundations and their luxury substitutes is always evident and the Dior Nude Air foundation will make your skin look like porcelain (especially if you add some shimmering highlighter).

P.S. To complement my feeling of being a Lady Dior I love to use the body milk with the tender and feminine Dior scents 😉






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