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As I am not a fan of SPA, I love trying out new body care products that can be used at home and I have recently come across the best body scrub I have ever tried:

Grounded Body Scrub Coconut Scent Coffee Scrub

This scrub has mainly natural ingredients such as Coffe Robusta Seed Powder, Brown Sugar, Himilayan Rock Salt, Sweet Almond Oil and Coconut Oil, although its not 100% natural but if feels and smells like it is. The main advantage – it really exfoliates the skin and leaves it super smooth. I tried many scrubs and I could never tell much of a difference before and after but this one is different – you can actually notice how soft it makes your skin. It has a dry texture and should be applied on damp skin not to scratch it and needs to be rubbed into the skin and then left for about 5 minutes. Once you wash it off you can feel your skin moisturized and don`t even need a body lotion. It makes your skin a bit oily, but not greasy at all and it absorbs into the skin completely after 5-10 minutes.

The smell is amazing –  the gentle coffee scent  stays on your skin all day long and your bathroom smells like starbucks for a few days too! I believe the range has Grapefruit and Orange and Chocolate scented scrubs as well but I have tried only the coconut one. The only thing you need to bare in mind – its a bit messy and when you apply it its all over the place but you can easily wash it off.

Due to coffee and nut oils this product firms the skin and helps prevent cellulite.

I would recommend using it once a week because it is quiet strong. I also tried it as a scrub on the face – you just add a tiny bit of scrub into your facewash and blend it or apply it directly on this skin.

Heavenly Gingerlily Caressing Body Polisher by Molton Brown

This body scrub is not as strongly exfoliating as the coffee one but it also smells amazing and is great to use several times a week. It exfoliates really well and is great for more sensitive skin. I love that all Molton Brown products smell like SPA body products but are not too strong.

It is a great product to use for massage as its more gentle than the coffee scrub. It does not moisturize your skin though, so you would need to use the lotion after, but its great to have one more rough scrub and one for maintaining the skin soft. Its a great product to use before waxing or going to the beach so I would definitely re-stock it once it is finished.



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