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Having tried loads of balms out there I have highlighted three top balms that I use for 3 different purposes. I don`t have a universal lip balm that I can use for any purpose, but I have a few different ones that I use either as a base for lipstick or to really hydrate my lips.

EOS Lip Balm in Strawberry Sorbet

When EOS balms became so ubiquitous and were a must-have for beauty-addicts I got myself 3 balms at a time. The pros – it makes your lips smooth and soft and acts as a good base for lipstick. Due to its solid structure which reminds me wax it makes the lipstick last longer and don`t smudge or leak over the lipline. It has a nice smell and its easy to find in your purse. I don`t think its suitable for someone who want to hydrate very chapped lips, but its great to keep lips smooth when they are not too dry already. A big plus – plenty of nice scents to choose from.

EOS is a great example of how a start-up turned into an extremely successfull business. The company has a strong prescence in social medias and lots of celebrities have been using the balm which made it even more popular. The balm has been also featured in several video commercials which made it even more popular.

Rose Salve by C.O. Bigelow

The lip balm was developed by the oldest American apothecary established in 1838, the same that produces the famous MARVINS toothpaste. With a long-lasting history of customized products and practicing employee ownership, the company offers unique high quality products and the Rose Salve balm is one of them. It is quiet rich but not greasy and it moisturizes the lips really well. When applied with a thicker layer it gives a nice gloss, which is why it can be worn as a subtle lipgloss or on top of the lipstick for a sultry lip look. Btw, the blam can be applied on the cuticles, dry skin and other dry areas. The bonus – a light rose scent and transparent finish.


Fragrance Lip Balm retaW

I have recently discovered this Japanes brand when I was shopping in Colette and I loved it from the first application. The brand was developed in Tokyo and offers a wide range of products starting from perfumes (that are named after music bands) and continuing with room tags and skincare. The name of the brand comes from the word ‘water’ spelled reversed and has a minimalist design, focusing on the high quality content.

The balm I tried is an amazing hydrating tool which is suitable both for chapped lips and for smooth lips that just need daily care. It has no colour which makes it a good base for lipsticke when you need a quick fix for dry lips as the balm contains shea butter. The balm has a mix of six citrus oils but the scent of it is really really subtle. Its slim design makes it a great fit even for a tiny makeup bag.



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