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Spray №2 Le Volume by David Mallett

I spray it on the roots after washing my hair, rub it in the skin and then blow dry as usual. I like to flip my hair down and blow dry the roots which adds more volume. It is an amazing product because the volume stays even after sleep!
Tip: after I blow dry my hair by adding this volume spray I assemble it the middle of the head in a very soft  and loose bun (I use a large soft hair band). I can then do my makeup etc and in about 20 min if you take the band off – you will have great volume!

Premiere working Texture Spray by Show Beauty

I totally love this hair spray! It fixes my hair without making them sticky and allows for a natural finish. I love this spray as it is great for fixing my braid, making sleek hair for dance competitions and keeping those Victoria`s Secret locks in place all day… well, actually…. 2 days!

Tip: this spray has a great smell that creates a light aroma throughout whole day 😉

BB Shine on (and on…) by Bumble and Bumble

This spray shines on your hair as much as its package does! I use it to liven up my hair on a daily basis and as a finishing touch on the dance competition – as I need really glossy, mirror-like effect.

Tip: spray the BB Shine on your hair if they are dull and de-hydrated – it will give them a natural shine and they will look more polished 🙂



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