Savage Escape. YSL

The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy – said Y. Saint-Laurent. As I am not a big fan of natural beauty concept, I always choose the products that enhance the look and make the face brighter and more glowing. YSL makeup for me is all about creating more edgy looks. I think since Cara Delevigne became the face of YSL makeup line, their makeup collection are always creating this rock n roll chic looks – ones you would combine with a romantic dress and leather jacket or basic tshirt and old school jeans.

Their summer collection 2016 the Savage Escape is a mix of desert colors and dark blues which create a lighter version of smokey eyes and sun touched skin.  I was lucky to attend a presentation of this collection in a makeup seminar held by Fred Letailleur – the YSL Beauty European makeup artist. During the presentation of the new makeup collection Fred has done a full makeup using the Savage Escape collection and I must say I rarely wear an eye liner, but I really liked the look with a bright blue liquid eyeliner.

My favourite trick that Fred shared during the seminar was applying the bronzer across the bridge of the nose going a bit over the sides of the nose – this creates an impression that your face is bronzed. It looks much more natural and effortless.

So here is the look from the Savage Escape:

Some of my fabourite products from YSL that came out this summer are the colorful mascaras Vinyl Couture – the blue one was used on my makeup. This mascara is different from any other colorful mascaras due to many oils in its formula it nourishes your lashes and does not fall off during the day.


It was a great experience to have my makeup done by the leading YSL makeup artist andI have already a few things in mind that I want to purchase from this new collection.



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