Walking in the city streets, applying tons of sunscreen at the beach and wearing evening makeup does pollute your skin which means that a good set of cleansing products are a must-have in any season. Having tried many brands from drugstore to high-end, I always pick a few ones that actually work for me.

My favourite products of the moment are by Chanel. Sometimes luxury brands are overpriced and this price is added just for the brand name, but this is not the case with the Chanel skincare line. Remember how I wrote in the recent post on luxury that some products become expensive and exclusive due to the time and effort invested in creation of these products?


These products form a three step cleansing routine which I supplement by a purifying mask once a week. All of the products have a very light texture and don`t leave the skin sticky. They also have a light floral scent which makes using them as a mini-spa treatment.

Gel Pureté – Rinse-off Foaming Gel Cleanser Purity + Anti-Pollution

Gel Pureté is a great cleansing gel that purifies the skin and removes the foundation, blush, bronzer, etc. Although it does not remove eye makeup, I still love it as I use an eye makeup remover before the gel. The best thing about the Gel Pureté is that it is not oily and it leave the skin squeaky clean.

Masque Déstressant Pureteé – Purifying Cream Mask

I always have three face masks in my skincare set – a purifying, a brightening and a hydrating. I use the Masque Déstressant in the evening after removing my makeup. I prefer to apply it when I was out in town all day or if I was wearing a full-face makeup (with contouring, highlighting) and it actually cleanes the pores and brightens the face. Sometimes I use it before an important event so that the makeup looks flawless.


Lotion Pureté – Fresh Mattifying Toner Purity + Anti-pollution

There is not much I can say about this toner apart from the fact that it cleans the skin and removes the leftovers of makeup. It works not only for the face, but for the neck and chest as well.

Le Blanc – Illuminating Brightening Concentrate

Le Blanc is a pricy product but it brightens the face and makes me look fresh even after 4 hours of sleep. As I never manage to sleep enough, brightening products are an important part of my beauty routine and Le Blanc is a life saver.



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