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I have recently discovered a large collection of Jill Stuart makeup, body and hair care. I am in love with the packages that make you feel like a real princess and the quality of the products. Starting from hair masks (which I will review later) and continuing with blushes and eyeshadows, it is worth investing into a few precious items from the makeup collection. The makeup has a light powdery scent and the face and hair creams and masks have a beautiful smell that lasts all day. The makeup creates a fresh and very light finish, does not overload your face while adding color and some sparkle to your natural skin colors.

aqua chiffon protector SPF 50

The texture of this sun screen is really light – it is very quickly absorbed by the skin and leaves absolutely no oil on the skin, making it very smooth and hydrated. It also has an amazing light floral/fruity smell.

Tip: when I apply the Aqua Chiffon before my makeup I do not apply any makeup base as it is a great prep solution for the face.

airy tint cc cream

The CC cream is great because of its light texture and medium coverage which is great for the summer. You do not need much of the product to get your face covered. Because of its hydrating formula you do not really need a makeup base to go under, unless you have really dry skin.

Tip: if you want to cover a few spots or any pigmentation you can still use this cream and use whatever concealer you have to cover the problem areas.

mix blush compact – 04 candy orange

The amazing luxury packaging of Jill Stuart makeup reminds me of retro makeup cases with its small portable brushes attached to the blush with a thin chain. The blush is very pigmented so you have to apply a thin layer of it if you in order to have this fresh touch on your cheeks. It looks matt in the packaging but gives a light luminous glow under the sun rays.

Tip: you can mix all four colors to get a pinky-orange shade on your cheek, but it is also great that you can just use each of the side of blush if you want just pink or peach color on your cheeks. Therefore, the blush is great to carry when you are travelling and don`t want to carry all the shades of blushes.

pressed power 03 shimmer

This powder has become my favourite to carry in my purse! It has quite a lot of shimmer but once you apply it, it does not appear that shiny on your face. Like the blush, it becomes really shiny under the sun. When I first got it I thought it should be used just for creating glowing skin and  that it wasn`t good for touchups throughout the day. However, it is really good to keep your skin matt during the day and adds freshness to the face in the end of the day.

Tip: I apply a few extra layer of this powder to use it as a highlighter or use it as eyeshadow when I want a really light eye look, so it is a very universal product.

lose powder 01 natural

I am not sure if this powder can be purchased in the package I got (I received it as a gift for purchasing many products at once J), but you can definitely find same powder in a different package on the website. This lose powder has very subtle shimmer in it and has a very light structure and does not create a cakey effect on your skin.

Tip: this powder is great to apply on the lips if you want to make a creamy lipstick appear matt. Because the powder is almost transparent it does not change the color of your lipstick.

fruit & aroma mist, refresh oil control

This spray is great to have in your purse or in your beach bag in summer (the size is small, so it easily fits in a small bag) to refresh your face and touch up the makeup. After using this spray your face looks rested and your skin feels hydrated without any oils. As the aqua chiffon, this spray also has a very pleasant smell.

Tip: you can also use it as a makeup setting spray once you apply your makeup.

ribbon couture eyes(2015 summer collection) 07 gelato cotton

This eye shadow is amazing! It is very shiny and adds a lot of shimmer in your eye look. It lasts all day even without a base.

Tip: you can use the light color as a highlighter, which saves space in your travel makeup bag.




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