Dr. Pawpaw magic balm

I have finally tried out the famous Dr. Paw Paw original balm. This balm is suitable for lips, skin, nails and even hair! I was a bit spectical on using it on my hair as the balm has a thick structure, but it actually works really well once applied on dry ends. I love using it for my lips and nails as it it not sticky or greasy, but actually moisturizes the skin. I love this balm because it is a great product to put in my beach bag – in the pool and sea skin gets really dry, so its great to have this balm with you if you don`t want to carry body cream. I got the original balm which has no smell or color, but you can get a tinted pink or peach balm as well. I think these last two would work best for those using the balm mostly on the lips.

Tip: I apply a drop of this balm on my lips 10 min before doing my makeup which is a great prep for the lipstick



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