You are in Marbella. Where can you see art? Well, pretty much everywhere. The city itself is a piece of art. A canvas of kilometers and kilometers of blue sea, colored by typical white townhouses and bright flowers covering these white walls, tuned with the sea breeze, sound of waves in the day and fashionable music at Puerto Banus by night, inspired by life itself, Marbella offers art at every corner.

in the street

This summer the urban photo festival UPHO brought photo art of 23 Andalusian artists to the streets of Marbella.  Aiming to inject some art into the society, the organizers of the festival printed the photos directly on the walls at Plaza de la Liberta de San Pedro and in Casco Antiguo. Local photographers were able to showcase their work to literally everyone walking by. I find this presentation of art most fresh and captivating: here is it, art, hanging on the wall – touch it, feel it, take photos, stand and stare as much as you want.

The photos show moments from every day life, people, household objects, nature, whatever. I love the idea of bringing everyday object into everyday. Its all about colors, things we do not see or people we do not they exist. Every photo says: here is the life, take it, bite it, eat it, play with it, smell it, feel it. Me and my brother both had a small bite 😀


 in the expo

Art expos are always a great idea to see many artists of different styles under same roof, meet with the creators, art lovers, sponsors. For me such expos are partly for viewing the art objects and partly getting the flavor of different galleries and doing some networking. From 29th Jul – 3rd Aug Palacio de Ferias in Marbella offered its visitors a unique chance to see a selection of artworks from a bunch of different galleries such as ArtNueve, Galería Senda, Galería Filomena Soares and many others (full list here) in the ART Marbella Expo. For me it is always difficult to view art in expos because when styles are so diverse and you walk from gallery to gallery your mind becomes distracted from the previous work too fast, so my advise – be selective. Do not try to see every and each of artists, pick some and pay full attention to them. Then come another day (or go for a coffee and philosophical talk with fellow art lovers) and look at the other pieces.

I really liked that the exhibition opened in the evening, after 6pm (which makes total sense taking into account hot Spanish summer and traditional siesta), there were almost no tourists and people were dressed in evening clothing, were sipping cocktails and chatting with each other about art. It is much more exciting to see art this way – wearing a beautiful summer dress, bright jewelry, slightly tipsy and relaxed towards the end of the day.

Highlights of the expo:

Textures – paintings that were carved or endorsed with small details to make it look more realistic and bring out the flat image that we are used to see.

Sculptures – these demonstrated how artists used human body as a representation of an idea, be it a woman sitting on a giant body cream tube or a couple of literally burnt out human heads (that last one would be like me in the end of a working week).

Color: it speaks for itself. There is nothing to add up to this explosion of paint on canvas.

art connections

Networking is not the first thing that comes to mind when visiting an art exhibitions (its usually artists that do the talking). When I was strolling in the expo and almost ready to leave I saw a marketing stall of the IT Gallery – it really captured my attention. Working in Google and being an art aficionado I was drawn to the idea of merging art and technology which IT Gallery exhibits. IT Gallery has developed software that allows art galleries manage their collections, clients, artists, sales, basically everything to help the internal processes run smoothly.

I was introduced to the founder of the company who talked about the concept of e-management of art galleries and I was able to establish business contact. I was then introduced to an amazing initiative ran by The Artian: a company (community) that organizes seminars and workshops for the companies that are willing to boost the creative potential of their employees. Because putting creativity in the center of the business process is not about painting walls orange and throwing a few bing bags, nor it is about posting all ideas (even ridiculous ones) on the post-it notes and choosing the best one. Creativity is an art and art is creativity. I am definitely looking forward to attending one of their talks.

No matter where you are looking at the art, what matters is how you look at it, and how you interact with it.



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