Saatchi Gallery in London is a place full of inspiration, unusual art forms and interesting talented people. Last Monday I had my pleasure meeting one of them – an outstanding Brazilian artist Valeria Nascimento. Valeria is one of the authors of a porcelain installation – a perfection of form and an embodiment of deep thought.

The masterpiece, called The Infinity, was created by Valeria Nascimento, Cristina Vezzini and Sheng Tsang Chen. The art object consists of multiple small “bowls” made of porcelain, steel wires and glass stretching from one corner of the canvas to the other, multiplying in quantity towards its end.

Valeria says the authors were inspired by nature creating this artwork: the “bowls” symbolize the flowers growing on the ground and their quantity increases showing the infinity of the development of nature, its forms and creatures. When I asked the artist why she has chosen these particular materials for the work, she said that porcelain and wires transmit the simplicity and purity of nature. Indeed, when you look at these little “flowers” you think of their fragile texture, with porcelain representing the tender petals of flowers.

If the meaning of modern art is to trigger thinking and drive imagination (as I discussed in the previous post), then my interpretation of the Infinity is the evolution of forms and meanings of objects. If you take a few steps back and glance at the installation from a distance you may see the overall change of color – it is white in the beginning where there are just a few flowers and changes to a kind of nude color when more flowers pop out. While one can refer this change to the pure fact of increasing the quantity of objects, I would suggest that the content changes too. The meaning of objects is altered once they become more widespread and more generally adopted.

I thank Valeria Nascimento, Cristina Vezzini and Sheng Tsang Chen for our conversation and for presenting this interesting installation to the public eye and I am looking forward to the future works!



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